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The Rumjacks’ member Johnny, told us about the bio of the band, and for the Greek audience on the occasion of their upcoming live @ Piraeus 117 Academy .


The Rumjacks are a punk rock/celtic folk band from Sydney, Australia.
Since the bands’ inception in late 2008 when singer and main songwriter Frankie McLaughlin met bassist Johnny McKelvey, the band has gone on to tour endlessly to countless countries all over the world, playing multiple sold-out shows throughout Europe, performing to 400,000 people on the main stage at Woodstock Festival in Poland, tour coast-to-coast through the USA, even into countries such as Russia and the Ukriane, and they have shared stages with some of the best punk rock bands in the world.
Τhey also have a brand-new album – Saints Preserve Us! - The 12-track album is a blistering ball of wild energy that sees the band in peak performance, showing a level of musicianship and songwriting that only 10 years of endless touring and playing together can bring.
Saints Preserve Us will be the bands’ 4th album release, a quick follow up to the 2016 acclaimed album Sleepin’ Rough. Previous albums include Sober & Godless from 2015, and Gangs of New Holland in 2010. An Irish Pub Song was a breakthrough song for the band off their debut album (Gangs of New Holland) and has racked up over 45 MILLION views on YouTube alone! All done independently and proud.
The Celtic, folk, punk rock band are celebrating their 10th year anniversary together.

They are kindly accepted to give us an interview before they hit the stage at Piraeus 117 Academy in Athens.

Hello Rumjacks!

So, what does high energy Celtic Punk Rock mean to you, and how has it evolve through you and with you, after 10 years?

Johnny: We all grew up hearing this style of music through our parents, but I guess we all (in our own ways) didn't pay as much attention to it growing up. I started listening to punk rock and never wanted to sway from me nothing else was necessary. But then I started to hear the old folk songs my parents would play at a different age, and started to see how similar they were and was hooked. The pace, melodies, stories... I guess the two different styles worked perfectly together and feel in love.


The Greek audience holds you in very high regard. What do you think of it and what brings you back here after all?

Johnny: It was a real surprise to see just how many Greeks really liked what we were doing. Every show there has been amazing and the audience brings so much energy. We always have such a fun time playing in Greece and the audiences are getting bigger every time, why wouldn't we come back?! Hah.


So, do you believe that Irish, Scottish and Greek folk are really similar in the way they approach life and is that why there seems to be a mutual respect among them despite being so far apart geographically?

Johnny: I definitely think there is that mutual respect, for sure. I think all three share so much in common in their own ways but collectively also. The celebration and appreciation for culture, music, family, and tradition is quite strong in each of the three you mentioned. Makes sense that there would be that common bond. Also, when it comes to Irish/Scottish folk instruments, we did 'steal' instruments such as the bouzouki and make them ours so we have to thank the Greeks for that. Haha.


Is there a specific incident that you remember from your previous show in Greece at the Street Mode Festival 2017?

Johnny: Each time has had its own crazy memories. Los Almiros Festival was insane...flares going off, dust everywhere, the heat...was wild. The Athens show was huge! So many people singing along to every word and at Street Mode Festival was amazing to look out and see so many people then look over to see The King Blues watching from the stage they just finished playing on was awesome.

Are there any bands and artists that you want to share a stage with and haven't managed to do so yet?

Johnny: Always wanted to play with Booze and Glory and we did that just the other week, so that was great. Pogues would be amazing.


We would like you to send a message to your Greek fans and Black Velvet Radio.

Johnny: Cheers everyone and see you at the show! Don't forget the that stuff.

Black Velvet Radio

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