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Interview with Hans Ziller | Bonfire are back with two new albums and they talk us about everything



Bonfire, a heavy metal band created in Germany in 1972 with the original name '' Cacumen '', became known for their success in the 1980s. Their creator Hans Ziller and the only member of the band that has remained stable since their inception to date, talks about the two albums that they introduced us, the different sounds, the evolution of the band and their experiences.




Hans, we would like to thank you for this interview. It's a great honor for us. We would like you to tell us what's the world's response, so far, to the 'Temple of Lies'?

Hans Ziller: Hello, thank you very much it is a pleasure to talk with you. The response has been really great with Temple of Lies the album hit the charts at number 28 and also hit the charts in Switzerland. We are really happy with the way it turned out.



How can you mix so many different kinds of music? It starts with hard rock, heavy metal, power metal and goes up to funky. We heard some funky music to the ''Love the way you hate me''

Hans Ziller: Yes, that song has a raggae feel in the verses, sort of Bob Marley. The band right now are all really talented musicians, I have always been lucky to have great musicians in Bonfire. All of us in the band have many influences and they come out in the music. I intentionally tried to make the last few albums have a heavier edge than we had, just more power, more metal but still keep the catchy Choruses that Bonfire was always known for. So really it just kind of comes naturally.

You recorder the 2nd ''Legends'' album in November. It's about 32 covers. Are all that covers the sound that ''Bonfire'' express? Which is your favorite cover?

Hans Ziller: The main purpose of the Legends album was to support the tour we did in November which was all of the songs on the album but with Bonfire as the band and the original singers singing their hit songs. It was amazing to play with these singers that we heard on the radio and inspired us as musicians and songwriters. It was really a great honor. We were inspired by many of the songs on the record. It really was a massive amount of work we recorded the whole album while on the road supporting the temple of Lies album. 2018 was really crazy we released two albums and one of them was a double album over 43 songs! But we are really happy with how they both turned out. I like all the songs on Legends, my first favorite was Africa only because it was so different, but I think my favorite now is Burning Heart. We have been playing both of them in our set recently and they audiences really love it.



We would like you to say some words about AlexxStahl. He has an amazing voice and he drives us crazy everytime we hear his voice. He has without doubt one of the best voices in heavy metal scene. Is that something that helped the band?

Hans Ziller: Alex is really a great singer and exactly what we needed, not only does he have great vocal ability he is really a team player. The whole band is great and we really have a great friendship between all of us. Like a band should be, and I think it carries across the records and the stage. It really is a great band.

One of our favorite songs in the ''Temple of Lies'' album is the ''Coming home''. Could you please tell us how the lyrics inspired?

Hans Ziller: Ronnie Parkes our bassist is the lyric writer for Bonfire. This song was very personal for him. His main residence is in the USA and the rest of us live in Germany. He stays in Germany a lot when we tour so he is away from home for a lot of time all year. That where the song came from. It is a letter from a parent to a child and they talk to each other in the song. Kind of like the cats in the cradle song. It is a very emotional song. It is the things you feel when you are away from home and missed your loved ones.


Do you have any plans to meet Greece?

Hans Ziller: We would love to come back to Greece we love it there. Some of the most enthusiastic fans in the world! We have played there in the past. The last time was a few years ago. We played Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania. It is really great and we would love to come back and perform again for you all.


Please send a message to your greek fans.

Hans Ziller: I would like to thank all of you for supporting us old fans and new and we would love to come back and perform for you all again soon!




Chris Mouskos, Elena Manta, Konstantinos Karageorgiou, Spyros Pseftoudis


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