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Interview with Thunder | Ben Matthews: «We make music primarily to please ourselves, in the process we hope other people like it too»



You're main the same members for all these years, except at the beginning where the bassist changed twice. What do you think is what you kept you united?

Ben Matthews: A very good sense of humour and a solid friendship between us all has kept us together. We are tolerant of each other’s idiosyncrasies and we love what we are doing



Have you ever temped to change your sound or your kind of music to get more sales?

Ben Matthews: This is something we would never consider, attempting to predict what people will buy is pointless. We make music primarily to please ourselves, in the process we hope other people like it too.



In‘’Please remain seated‘’ album are some cove rversions of your own songs. From where did this idea come out?

Ben Matthews: The whole album is are thinking of previous Thunder songs, we have touched on this idea over the years but wanted to really explore what we could do with the songs. We didn’t want to swap electric guitars for acoustic guitars and just do an unplugged album.



Do you see any differences in recording nowadays? Do you believe that is easier or harder for a new band to be successful?

Ben Matthews: Recording has an dischanging continuously from its conception to today.Technology improvements have vastly changed what is possible, some for the good and some for the bad.The fund a mentals of music popularity will not change, just the method of achieving it. Social media and Internet connectivity has made reaching an audience easier but flooded the industry with choice, so it’s difficult to measure if this makes it easier or harder.



Is there an album that you feel is a bit more important than there stand more decisive for your success?

Ben Matthews: The album we are making at the time is always the most important album as it defines where weare musically in our career. Our first album was an important state ment of our initial intentions but every album counts.



What is that makes you so special in your live performances?

Ben Matthews: This is a question for the audience not the band. We very much enjoy playing live and have fun doing it, perhaps this comes across in the performance.None of the band have ever seen Thunder live.



You have performed with very famous bands on the stage.Which moment was more special for you?

Ben Matthews: Having Jimmy Page and Robert Plant play before us in London, we tell people that Led Zeppelin opened for us.


Which song would you say could be the soundtrack of your biography if there was one?

Ben Matthews: Until My Dying Day – or at least that’s how it feels.



What your next plans?

Ben Matthews: Off to Europe for a tour, we will be away on the day Brexit is supposed to happen. We’re not sure we will get back into the country!



Will you come in Greece again?

Ben Matthews: I think given the opportunity we would love to come back and playin Greece. Holidays in Greece are amazing but playing as how would be better.



Please give a message to your Greek fans

Ben Matthews: Greece, the home of Democracy, Civilization, Mathematics and rock music.



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