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Interview with Maggie Reilly | «From The stranglers to David Gilmore, it’s fun to work with different kinds of music»



Hello Maggie, thank you for this conversation.

You have done many collaborations. What is the common denominator of all these artists you collaborated with ?

Maggie Reilly: I find it interesting to work with others it takes me out of my comfort zone. The only thing they have in common is they are musicians From jack Bruce to The Sisters of Mercy, from The stranglers to Dave Gilmore (Pink Floyd) it’s fun to work with different kinds of music .



Can you tell us a funny story of these times ?

Maggie Reilly: Lots of funny stories but if I told you I’d have to kill you . I think you learn with everyone you work with Everyone has something different it’s all important to a greater or lesser degree.



You have a plan for a new release. Can you give us some details ?

Maggie Reilly: For the last while I’ve been writing and recording a number of projects the first of which is a new album it will be out in the spring it’s called STARFIELDS. I recorded it off grid in the Scottish Hillside with Stuart MacKillop and Brian McNeill various other musicians came there too To add their particular parts .it was like going back in time no hi tech equipment. Half way through I broke my leg so had to take a little time off when we came back to the album stuart and I had written 5 new songs so the record changed from how it began.



You have been active in the music industry for quite a few years. how has this industry changed/evolved over the years ? how have you evolved ?

Maggie Reilly: Yes the industry has changed over the years but I still hope that it’s about songs . As for the technology of now. I bow to others who know how to deal with it all and I just do the parts I enjoy like writing and singing.


If you were 17 and start your career , knowning what you know now , what you would have done different ? What the same ?

Maggie Reilly: If I had to give myself advice at 17, i don’t think I would change a thing.



My favorite song is ‘’ Everytime we touch’’. Would you like to share the story behind the lyrics?

Maggie Reilly: Every time we touch. I wrote about an incident in New York when the static in the lift gave me a shock as I took my boyfriends hand.



How do you feel visiting Greece ?

Maggie Reilly: I’m really looking forward to coming to Greece again it’s a long time since I was last there. And then I was only in Athens .I have a few friends there I’ve not seen for many years .



Please send a message for your greek fans.

Maggie Reilly: Can’t wait to come back to Greece and this time get a chance to see more of the country .


Cheers. Maggie xxx



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