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Interview with Adrian Hates | Diary Of Dreams



Hello Adrian, how are you?

Adrian Hates: Im fine thanks, we just came back from touring South America, we are preparing for North America and Germany, so busy schedule but I'm very happy.




Can you tell us a few things about Diary of Dreams today?

Adrian Hates: Like I said we are in the middle of touring, we always try to play different and strange places. This time we played in Canada and we are also preparing the next album. We are always trying to stay busy, and also to stay in touch with our social media and our fans.


So what about the new album?

Adrian Hates: Yeah, we are working on it, I have a lot of songs, basic drafts. It will take a lot of time, I don't want to speculate, I'm taking as much time as possible to make the best of it.


What is the usual procedure of recording an album?

Adrian Hates: I always say that the concept of writing music is not to have a concept. I try not to repeat myself, to not have a routine. I write the songs on an acoutic guitar, then write the lyrics, then record it. Sometimes I might write the lyrics first, sometimes it's just a beat, a noise, it's always different. I really lovethe freedom, that I can do whatever I want and use it as an inspiration. Sometimes it's an idea, a mood that's enough to write a song, and I sit down in front of the piano, or the guitar or the drums whatever.



How do you pick which songs to record?
Adrian Hates: It's usually a flow, a movement, it's not like I sit down and say I want to do this exactly, it just happens


Some of your albums were concept albums. Does it inspire you more to choose a certain topic for the whole album?

Adrian Hates: Yeah, sometimes it is great to have a conceptual format, like the Nigredo album, that was the most conceptual album of ours. It is amazing to work in a conceptual format, but it is also very demanding, very exhausting and I have to make sure that every song moves along the story. Other times writing an album where every song stands for itself has more freedom. Some times I prefer this, other times I prefer that. So it's a matter of mood, do I want to talk about a lot of small topics or a major idea like in Hell in Eden or a few others.



Is there a topic that you like to write about more than others?

Adrian Hates: Not really, it varies from time to time, and what is the current situation around the world.


How do you feel about the success of the band? Is it something that you expected when you were starting?

Adrian Hates: It's a nice question, but it's hard to measure success. The band was developed step by step, it's not like that we became big overnight. I wasn't overwhelmed by some kind of success, we are still in the independent side of business, a medium sized band. When I hear the word success, I think of Sting, or Metallica, major bands. We are just very happy and fortunate that we can do this, that we have great people that follow us. I personally, wouldn't use the term success for us.



You've been recording for many years now. Is there something that you still haven't achieved or done?

Adrian Hates: There are lots of stuff I still want to do, thousands of ideas, lot's of people I want to work with. Personally, I would like to have more time for myself, see the world. There's not enough time if you have 3 bands, your own label, tours, you have to sacrifice things


What do you think of the recording procedure now compared to the past?
Adrian Hates: There are so many differences between today and the 80s-90s when I started. It's a whole different world. There was no internet back then, no downloading,e-mails. Everything has changed in writing, recording, producing. Still, it has the same basic process, but all the steps are different. I don't have a preference between now and then. In the past you would spend a lot of days in just making music. Today there is a lot of paperwork, a lot of organisation, a lot of social media stuff. I spend at least one day a week solely on social media, and that is something that was non-existent in the past. That day would be my free day then. I love the direct communication with the fans, but it's also very time consuming.



Can you give any advice to new bands who want to start today?

Adrian Hates: I'm not sure that I would start a band today if I didn't have the history I have. Starting a band is a bitch now (laughs). So many things you have to know and do. You have to be really really good, and smart to be succesful. In the 80s it was enough just to be a good musician. If you were introverted it didn't matter, nobody was able to see you. Today if you are not really extroverted, if you don't feed the masses with social media, videos, selfies then it's really difficult to make it. I think, my advice to a new band would be to find their own sound, follow their passion, what they think is their way no matter what other people might say, go for it. 99.9% of people who knew me in the 80s told me I had no chance to make it. That just proves that what people say doesn't mean it's right. If you have the passion go for it


Is the political situation now an inspiration for you?

Adrian Hates: I think yes but not conciously. It affects anyone living on the planet. I write mostly about the perversion of humanity, and politics is a major party of that. But I am not criticising parties, or governments, I'm just criticising what I see. You can't get away from politics but it's a matter of how you see it.



Which are your favorite bands?

Adrian Hates: I don't have one favorite band to name immediately. It's a matter of season and time, if a band has a new album that I enjoy, I listen to it constantly. For quite some time it was Katatonia that I loved a lot, but other times it can be an elecronic album, or a classical, or a singer/songwriter. It's not the kind of music, but the passion of it, if it speaks to my heart I listen to it.


When will we see Diary of Dreams in Greece again?

Adrian Hates: I hope really soon, it's always good to play in Greece, I think the first time was in 97, we have so many friends there. There are communications for a project but nothing final yet, so I can't say anything. You can be sure that I always have Greece in my mind and we try to play there as often as we can.



Would you like to say something to your greek fans?

Adrian Hates: We are really really grateful for the support all these years, we have so many friends there, and it's not something that I just say, it's really heartfelt, we are very lucky to have you guys, I hope we'll be back on stage in Greece soon.






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