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Interview with Dave Meniketti | Forever Y&T



Guys, thank you very much for the response. It’s a great honor for us to talk to you and thank you in advance for answering to the questions below.




You returned in 2018 with the ‘’Acoustic Classic album ‘’. Although, are there any plans for a new album?

Dave Meniketti: No plans yet, but we will eventually get to a new record. Hopefully get some of it down this year and finish it next year if our tour schedule allows us the time.



Within 6 years, unfortunately you lost 6 members of the band. How do you feel now?

Dave Meniketti: We lost 3 out of the 4 original members. Leonard Haze, Joey Alves, and Phil Kennemore, along with our good friend and soundman, Tom Size. Also, Phil’s wife passed away as well. When Joey died, it really hit me hard. A strange feeling to be the only surviving original member. At the time they died they were all still young which made it even more tragic. But none of us are getting out alive so you must eventually pick yourself up and continue to do the thing that inspires you. For me, that was simple – continue playing music.



You have been recording since 1976 and you have already 43 years of experience. Is there something that you have not done yet?

Dave Meniketti: Oh, yes, I’m certain there are many things I have not done yet. But I am happy with what I have accomplished with my life, so no single experience is gnawing at me to fulfill at the moment.



Are there any plans for a live performance in Greece?

Dave Meniketti: There are always plans to play in Greece. It’s all about tour routing that can make it work. I leave that to our manager/agent to make happen. We all hope to play again in Greece.



When is the documentary about the band expected to be released?

Dave Meniketti: We have now seen the first rough cut of the film last month so the documentary crew says they should be done in time for a release before the end of the year.



What to expect to see in the documentary?

Dave Meniketti: The story of the band, how the members came together, and many stories about our career. Many rock stars are in the documentary as well, talking about their experience with Y&T. We suspect most fans will love it.



You are a band that stands out for your energy in your live performances and offers a unique experience to your audience. From where you get this energy even after so many years?

Dave Meniketti: I can only thank my parents for that. Genetically I guess I was blessed to be deeply moved by music and that comes out every night I perform. It’s the same for each one of us in the band. Together we inspire each other, as do the fans inspire us which lifts our energy levels.



Is there any moment in your career that is considered a bit more important than the rest?

Dave Meniketti: The 70s and 80s were important from a business standpoint, because our music style was the rage at that time, but I love this time of my career. I’m enjoying this time because the band is awesome, my voice is as strong as it’s ever been, and there is no pressure from record company executives any longer. It’s all about us simply bringing music to the people.



Are you on a tour now? I see that in many places you are going to visit the concert is sold out. How do you feel about that?

Dave Meniketti: It’s always a great feeling to know you have sold out a venue. Luckily, sold out or not, we have great shows everywhere we play. The Y&T fans truly are great to us and we appreciate it by playing over 2 hours a night for them, and us.
And yes, we are almost always on tour. Just finished a 2-month tour around the US, already played Japan and Hawaii this year, and will play our 2 month European and UK tour in a few months. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Would you like to say something to your Greek fans?

Dave Meniketti: Thank you for being fans of Y&T and we hope to play on your soil again soon.
-Dave Meniketti





Thank you very much!
Hope to see you in Greece soon!


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